The Pick 5 Method

Whether you are new to government contracting or want to increase your government clients, you need to find agencies to work with. But how do you do that?

The easiest way to get started is what we call Pick 5. And it’s pretty simple and straightforward: based on your current knowledge, write down the five government entities you would like to do business within the next 12 months.

These entities can come from any sector. The most common include school districts, cities, counties, military bases, ports, public transportation, and prime contractors.

You may already know of entities based off this list in your area and can draft your list. If not, search the phrase plus your city, county, or state to see what’s near you. Once you have your list of five entities together, you’ll want to do a little more work to get to know them.

First, research them. Visit the entities procurement webpage. Register as a vendor and, if applicable, their small business database. When registering on as a vendor, ensure that all information is correct and that the services you list are the services that match your website and your capabilities statement.

Bookmark the procurement page to visit often to see new opportunities. Some entities, such as state of Texas agencies, allow you to research what that entity has purchased in the last three years.

Next, introduce yourself. Some government procurement websites also list the buyers you’ll work with. After registering as a vendor, reach out to the buyer who purchases your goods and services via email with your capabilities statement. After a week, call them and leave a message. Be patiently persistent. Keep it mind adding them to any business newsletters without their permission is against CAN-SPAM laws.

Finally, keep track of who you’ve reached out to. Create a procurement spreadsheet that documents the agency name, website, your username and password, and the dates of contact.

This will help you keeps tabs on whether you’re making progress or if it might be time to move on to a new agency. Once you’ve completed this for your first five, repeat the Pick 5 process again and as often as needed to add agencies to your list.

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