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B2G Victory is a trusted advisor to companies nationwide. Leveraging decades of experience with innovative solutions, B2G Victory educates and drives large and small businesses into scalable operations and new opportunities.

Our knowledge of current industry trends, and procurement analysis, teaming and bidding allows us to empower our clients, becoming an extension of their team with customized solutions designed to fit their specific needs regardless of business size. Find out how the B2G Victory Team can create custom solutions can increase your organization’s success.

Capability Statements

Your Company’s Custom Resume

An effectively branded and professional capability statement is vital to government contracting.

A succinct capability statement demonstrates to buyers and prime contractors that you are a trusted expert in your field with codes, certifications, references, qualifications, and leadership all on 1 page…simplify your marketing efforts. 

B2G Victory is the industry leader known for delivering polished, professional, and personal capability statements for clients all over the country.   

Training and Coaching

Group and 1-on-1

Whether you’re just getting started in Government contracting, growing your capacity from a subcontractor to a prime, wanting to win more contracts, or responding to market conditions with a new product or service, we can help guide you to success. 

B2G Victory offers in-depth training and coaching on strategy, proposals, building your capacity, supplier diversity, and more.

The B2G Victory Team is here to help you navigate whatever hurdles are standing in your way.

Federal, State & Local

Many businesses have successfully leveraged their certifications to grow their revenues, diversify their client base, and insulate themselves from market volatility.

Certifications vary from local, state, and federal and can be focused on women, minorities, small, veterans, LGBTQ, disadvantaged, and many more.  An active certification status allows you to boost your business, and provides additional contract opportunities, greater marketing exposure, increased networking opportunities, advocacy support, and potential prime/subcontractor partnerships. Certified companies are in high demand to help government agencies and prime contractors not only meet but exceed contract goals.  

B2G Victory can help you maximize your current certifications and/or help you align your business plan, goals, and strategy with the best certification.  

Proposal Assistance

Strategy, Audit, Library, Management & Production

Responding to an opportunity can be overwhelming. Whether an RFP, RFQ, IFB, or something else, B2G Victory is led by a Certified Proposal Manager and collectively has won more than $6.8 Billion for our clients.

B2G Victory responses are compliant, responsive, and persuasively communicate why your team is the best. We can help you develop/improve your own processes, build your proposal library, write your responses, and more. Better responses mean more wins, more projects, and more revenue. 

Each proposal project begins with a comprehensive kick-off meeting in which the B2G Victory team works closely with you to identify your win themes. We then use these key differentiators to fuel a powerful strategy that will align your company’s strengths and experience with the unique needs of the project/agency. We guide you through proposal development using proven tools to ensure that the process remains on schedule. 

Whether we are uploading, hand-delivering, or shipping across the globe, we oversee the delivery of your submission to make sure it arrives on time. Once you’ve been short-listed, we’ll transform your proposal into an engaging in-person or virtual presentation and prepare your team to “drop the mic” and win the contract! 

Victory Plan

Capture Management, Business Development Strategy & Execution

Businesses that consistently win contracts have a Victory Plan. 

This aligns their business development strategies, processes, and execution. Their marketing, opportunity/capture, sales, and proposal strategies/tactics are aligned, coordinated, and consistent. Benefits of having a Victory Plan include: doubling win rates: improving profitability and predictability; meeting revenue and profit forecasts; and streamlining your efforts to decrease frustration and confusion among team members.  

Not every opportunity is the right fit for your business, and we can help you take the guesswork out of government contracting. Reach out to B2G Victory to develop or evaluate your current Victory Plan. We can help you with driving revenue, establishing new sales funnels, breaking into new markets, and identifying priorities. The proper steps to achieve them is half the battle. 


Vendor & Prime, Audits, Buyer Interviews

While each organization is unique, many government agencies and primes have their own individual vendor database. These registration platforms are used for: 

  • Company profile registration 
  • Bid submissions and management
  • Prime and government agency registrations 
  • Subcontractor and certification qualifications
  • Project goal tracking 
  • Opportunity notifications 
  • Historical contract/procurement data 
  • Buyers/events and programs. 

Don’t wait until an opportunity arises; let B2G Victory build your professional profiles with your target agencies today and take a proactive approach to winning your next government contract.

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