Our Mission

B2G Victory’s mission is to do meaningful work. Our work is meaningful because your business means everything to you, your industries, your family, your neighborhood, and your community. We are driven each and every day to delivery social and economic impact by building capacity, increasing access to capital, driving revenue, creating jobs, and financial stability development. B2G Victory team members share details on what meaningful work means to them below:

Julie Hartman

“I am truly blessed with this bonus round in my life and am committed to do meaningful work that drives social and economic impact.   Leveraging the combined success of entrepreneurs (small, women, minority, LGBTQ+, and veteran-owned businesses), large primes, and government agencies builds capacity, increases access to capital, and drives innovation. These fellow entrepreneurs and businesses create ideas, opportunities and jobs, empower and build communities, and inspire future entrepreneurs and idea maker. I am fueled by potential and living your dream is not always easy. There’s no telling how far and how fast we can all go when we do meaningful work together!”


Susan M. Repka

“During the 2008 financial crisis, I interviewed close to 100 WBEs that were either applying for certification or submitting their recertification. Time and time again, I  heard how their innovation kept them from laying off their employees. Pay cuts from the top down may have happened, but they kept their employees on the payroll. To me, this is why we do what we do. To help small businesses keep their doors open and their people employed. “


Mark Praigg

“If I can help somebody as I pass along’ are the first words of a song by Alma Bazel Androzzo. To me, the higher purpose of helping those who could benefit most from access to services, contracts, capital, and programs is my way of giving back. So, the dual purpose of helping businesses grow and prosper combined with a higher purpose means, in the words of the song, ‘my living shall not be in vain.”  


“I believe meaningful work is that which has a profoundly positive impact on those that it serves. By utilizing our organization’s knowledge and resources, we are able to serve clients, ranging from small, woman, minority, LGBTQIA+, and veteran-owned businesses, allowing them to penetrate the competitive space of government contracting. In doing so, they are able to create jobs, foster community, and advance change. I am incredibly honored to be part of such a team.”


By the Numbers

The B2G Story


Susan certified
Julie’s first business

2002 – 2007

Susan and Julie’s relationship is built through collaborative opportunities


Julie sold first business and founded J. Hartman


SMR Business Services founded


First joint client
(still a client today!)


B2G Victory celebrated it’s first birthday!


B2G Victory launched January 1, 2022


First joint webinar


Idea for B2G Victory born


City of Houston OBO certification
METRO SBE Certification logo
Port Houston Certification
Women's Business Enterprise Certification