Marketing Your Certification

How to market your small business certification

It’s exciting to receive a certification for your small business, and it’s something you should celebrate. Letting agencies know that you are certified as a minority-owned, woman-owned, or veteran-owned business, for example, may help you gain contracts.

Highlighting it in your marketing is an easy win. It’s also an important way to keep your messaging consistent. Ensuring this detail is on as many marketing assets as possible will make you look professional and never leave your potential clients questioning whether you’re actually certified or not.

Here is a checklist of places to add your certification after you receive it. Keep in mind that only active, not pending or expired, certifications should be included in these spaces.

Business Cards

When was the last time you updated your business cards? After a certification is confirmed is a great time to do that. Add them under your basic contact info. Utilize both sides of the card to remind people who you are and what you do. This is an easy way to put yourself ahead of the pack if others are skipping this step.


Once you receive a certification, it’s time to update your about page on your website. Drop in a section for certifications. You may also consider revising portions of this content to include the certification acronym or phrase in your copy for SEO purposes.

Press Releases

If your company sends out press releases, consider sending one when you receive your certification. Publications may not do anything with it, but it’s a great way to raise brand awareness. Likewise, be sure to update your company boilerplate with your certifications so that anytime a press release is sent, your certifications are mentioned in the description about your company.

Email Marketing

Have an email list? Announcing your certification to this audience could be a great way to share the news. Like your press release, you may want to include it in your footer or any descriptions of the company that may go into your email marketing.

Tradeshow and Sales Materials

What kind of marketing collateral do you display at events? Pop-up banners? Hanging banners? Anything on display should be updated to include your certification. The same goes for any sales materials a potential client may pick up and take home. Flyers and brochures should all include your certification.

Social Media

Don’t overlook this space! Most platforms give you an about or bio section to complete. Add your certification into this space. If you’re limited by a character count, utilize the acronym. You never know who might right across your account while searching for a small business.

Statement of Qualifications

A statement of qualifications is similar to a capability statement. It shows your company’s relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. Many small businesses use this as additional marketing collateral that they send after a pre-bid meeting. This is a great place to include your certifications to remind the agency why you’re best suited for the job.

RFQ/RFP—Company Profile

When you send your company profile out in your subcontractor packet, make sure that you reiterate your certification here. Yes, you will check a box that you are certified in an RFQ (request for qualifications) process, but it doesn’t hurt to include it in your written company profile as well.

RFQ/RFP—Cover Letter

Similarly, you should make mention of any certifications you have in an RFQ cover letter. This is especially important for companies that become prime contractors. Including certifications allows you to show them off and receive 100% of the credit if you are self-performing the work. If you are subcontracting, it allows you to bring in other subcontractors that are also certified.

Vehicle Graphics

Graphic-wrapped vehicles are always eye-catching because they are far and few between day-to-day. If you already have a wrapped car, or if you’re considering getting one done, this is a great spot to include your certifications. It’s especially great if you’re a larger company that has a fleet of vehicles. View these as drivable billboards. It’s also a great way to raise brand awareness.

Office Displays

We always say your certification is more than wall art, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t display it proudly! You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is, so display your certification where anyone coming into the office will see it.

Ready to shout your certification from the rooftops? Check out our complete checklist!

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