Top Mistakes That Cost You the Contract

The B2G Victory Team recently hosted a webinar with our friends at RFPSchoolWatch where we shared Top Mistakes that Cost You the Contract. Here are a the Top 5 Mistakes from that Session:
#1: Not defining your WIN
#2: Bid response not compliant
#3: Bid response is not responsive
#4: Lack of focus & planning
#5: Not scoring your opportunity
#6: Not Organizing Your Content

Join Julie & Susan, watch the full recording, and learn all of the “Top Mistakes that Cost You the Contract” the B2G Victory YouTube Channel.

Top Mistake #1: Not defining your WIN

Top Mistakes That Cost You the Contract - Define Your WIN

Why should they choose you?
What makes you the best choice?
Why are you submitting the bid?
Do you want to win the bid?
Are you new and just wanting to get your foot in the door?
Do you want to see if your team can work well together?
Maybe it’s just an educational experience for you.
What does winning look like for you?

Top Mistake #2: Bid response not compliant

Top Mistakes That Cost You the Contract: Complaint

What are they asking for?
Make sure to sign and include all required forms.
Paying attention to the details and following directions is crucial. Sometimes bid documents will include a checklist, but if it doesn’t, make one for yourself to ensure you are fully compliant.

An amendment makes a change to the contract. An addendum makes an addition to the contract. Keep track of any amendments or addendums issued, as these will impact your response.

Top Mistake #3: Bid response is not responsive

Top Mistakes That Cost You the Contract - Responsive

Every bid submission is unique. Make sure you are not using the same answers over and over again. Pay attention to the needs of the client and speak to those needs. Make sure you address every part of the scope.
Provide your methodology.
How will you and your team address their needs and do the work from beginning to end? Who will do what?
Let them know your team has experience and provide the benefits and value that they will receive by choosing you, your team and your company.

Top Mistake #4: Lack of focus & planning

Top Mistakes That Cost You the Contract - Lack of focus, planning & other considerations

Is this RFP the right fit for you? Consider your schedule and whether or not you can take on the specific project. What else is on your plate right now? Do you have time to commit to it?

Who’s available to help? What part of the proposal can they do? If it’s just you, how will you organize your time and do everything that needs done? What is the cost involved in this opportunity? Read the RFP thoroughly, from start to finish.
What will impact the price? Does it require drug tests or background checks, etc? Do you fully understand the scope? Use various highlighter colors to indicate and organize these items as you review the bid.

Top Mistake #5: Not scoring your opportunity

Top Mistakes That Cost You the Contract - Not Scoring

Every proposal has evaluation criteria and/or scoring. This is how the evaluator will score you. Using these criteria to score yourself and your possible competitors, you can see where you stand and how likely you are to win the bid. You do not have to go after every bid that comes your way.

Get sample bids from our friends at RFPSchoolWatch. They will send you a variety of RFQs, RFPs, RFIs, and other opportunities.

Top Mistake #6: Not Organizing Your Content

Top Mistakes that will Cost you the Contract - Unorganized Content

Time is money. Being organized allows you to respond quicker. Having all your information in one place, like a spreadsheet, makes it so much easier. Being organized will help you scale and help other people jump in and help out.

Organize your files in folders and subfolders. For example: A folder for working/in progress content and a folder for things that are finalized (ready to be printed or uploaded).

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To learn more about RFP SchoolWatch, at their website or contact them at 888-512-7377.