Navigating Federal Contracts & Procurement

Welcome back to another episode of the B2G Victory Cast, where the world of government contracting unfolds, and experts share their invaluable insights to empower small businesses. In Episode 5, Part 1, “Navigating Federal Contracts & Procurement” host Susan Repka engages in a compelling conversation with Miguel Ruiz, Lead Business Opportunity Specialist, Small Business Administration (SBA). Together, they shed light on the challenges faced by small businesses in securing government contracts and provide a treasure trove of guidance to navigate this complex landscape. If you’re an entrepreneur eager to break into the Government Contracting space, this episode is a must-listen.

Navigating Federal Contracts & Procurement Overview

As the co-founder of B2G Victory, Susan M. Repka brings her extensive knowledge and experience to the table. Her passion for empowering small businesses shines through as she engages in an insightful conversation with Miguel Ruiz, making this episode an engaging and informative listen. Miguel Ruiz, Lead Business Opportunity Specialist, Small Business Administration (SBA), brings forth a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges that small businesses encounter when pursuing government contracts. Throughout the episode, Miguel’s expertise serves as a guiding light for small business owners seeking to navigate the intricate gov con process.

Navigating Federal Contracts & Procurement Barriers

In Part 1 of Episode 5, “Navigating Federal Contracts & Procurement” Susan and Miguel delve into the barriers that frequently obstruct small businesses on their journey to securing government contracts. These barriers include the daunting lack of experience, limited resources, and the complexity of the procurement process. Understanding these challenges is the first step towards overcoming them, and Susan and Miguel skillfully provide valuable insights on how to do just that.


Miguel highlights the support available through the SBA to help small businesses overcome these barriers. From training programs that impart essential skills to mentorship opportunities that foster growth, the SBA proves to be a valuable resource for Gov con aspirants. Additionally, access to financing further bolsters the chances of success for small businesses as they take on the challenges of government contracting.


Throughout the conversation, “Navigating Federal Contracts & Procurement”, Susan and Miguel stress the significance of perseverance and a willingness to learn and adapt. In the highly competitive gov con world, these qualities can be the differentiating factors that lead to success. By embracing a growth mindset and remaining resilient, small businesses can chart their path toward winning government contracts. Listeners will appreciate the practical tips and resources shared in the “Navigating Federal Contracts & Procurement” episode. Susan and Miguel provide actionable advice that small business owners can implement immediately to overcome obstacles and enhance their chances of securing government contracts. These gems of wisdom make this episode an invaluable asset for Gov con enthusiasts.

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