Leveraging Your Bank to Grow Your Capacity

In the second episode of the B2G Victory Cast, host Julie Irvin Hartman had the privilege of speaking with Laquita Cyprian and Tan Ghaderi from Agility Bank, the first woman-owned bank in the country. During the discussion, the trio explored the important role that banking relationships play in government contracting and the critical part they play in supporting entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses.

About Agility Bank

Agility Bank’s approach to government contracting is innovative and customer-centric, and Laquita and Tan shared how their commitment to providing tailored financial solutions and personal service sets them apart. They discussed the challenges faced by small businesses in securing financing and how Agility Bank helps its clients navigate these challenges, ensuring they have access to the resources they need to succeed.

The conversation also delved into the importance of digital loans and how they are revolutionizing the lending landscape. Laquita and Tan shared how Agility Bank has embraced technology and how it has helped them streamline their lending process, making it faster and more efficient for their customers.

Julie and her guests also emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship and how small businesses play a crucial role in driving economic growth. They discussed how Agility Bank is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs and providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Strong Banking Relationships

In conclusion, the second episode of the B2G Victory Cast was an insightful and inspiring conversation about the power of banking relationships in government contracting, entrepreneurship, and the critical role of digital loans in the modern business world. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to build strong banking relationships, start their own business, or stay ahead of the curve in the digital loan market.

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